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Meningitis B – The Facts

What us Meningitis B?
The Meningococcal infection, the primary cause of Meningitis B in the UK, is caused by Neisseria Meningitis bacteria – a harmful bacteria that lives in the back of the throat.

How do you get Meningitis B?

It is a rare but devastating infection that is classified as a medical emergency. Meningitis b is transmitted via coughing, sneezing, kissing or close contact with an individual who is a carrier. It can present as septicaemia (blood poisoning) or meningitis (infection of the lining of the brain).

The symptoms associated with Meningitis B include:

• High fever
• Cold hands and feet
• Vomiting and/or refusal to eat
• Grunting and rapid breathing
• Drowsiness and unresponsiveness
• Pale skin with a blotchy red rash
• Bulging soft spot on the top of the head
• Stiff neck, sensitivity to light, & convulsions

Who can be affected?

This deadly disease can affect people of all ages, however roughly half of the patients diagnosed with the condition are under 5 years old , so early immunisation is essential.

Students aged 17-25 years are also particularly at risk, there have been several deaths in the UK attributed to Meningitis B in recent years, Working and Living together in large groups can raise the risks of contracting this disease.

Most Importantly…

  • Have the Vaccines; a course of 2 or 3.
  • If you suspect that you have caught Meningitis B, you should seek immediate medical attention and call 999.

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Administration Method

The Vaccination for Meningitis B is about 88% effective in preventing Meningitis B.


The course length and schedule is dependent on age those under two years of age need three vaccinations, those over two only need two vaccinations.

Length of Protection

As the vaccine is relatively new to the market, the length of duration has not yet been determined.

Special Instructions

Patients can be given the Meningitis B Vaccination from as early as two months old.

Dose & Price

A single dose is given at a cost of £171 per dose.

Side Effects

Very commonly, babies have a high fever after the first and second dose. For that reason, the NHS recommends calpol is given.

Other common side effects may include:

  • Swelling, redness and soreness at the injection site
  • Lack of appetite
  • Restlessness and crying.

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Can I get the vaccine on the NHS?

Only for children under 2.



Can anyone of any age have the vaccine?

Yes, in theory. However, there is no data for adults over 50 years of age so the vaccine would be given off license following a consultation to a certain need.



Does immunisation hurt?
Not all vaccinations are delivered by needle. But whenever they are, we bring all our considerable expertise into play to make sure it hurts as little as possible. Modern needles are so fine they hurt a lot less than the old fashioned versions used to. You shouldn’t feel anything worse than a sharp prick.


What if I have an abnormal reaction?
We don’t just vaccinate you and abandon you! If you don’t feel well afterwards or experience an abnormal reaction, phone us or come straight back in and we’ll check you out.
How should I manage the high fever in my child?

The NHS offers advice for this as do our nurses on consultation, calpol is advised immediately after the first and second vaccination, dose by age of child.



Will I get a vaccination record card?
Yes, and it’ll act as a record of the vaccinations you’ve been given. The cards include information about how long the vaccination is effective and your booster dates. If you already have a vaccination record card, bring it to your consultation so we can check your immunisation history.



Meet the Team

Dr Elizabeth Tuckey

MBBS, BA Philosophy

Kami Soltysik

Travel Nurse
BSc Nursing

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Clinical Director
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Dr Elizabeth Tuckey

MBBS, BA Philosophy

Kami Soltysik

Travel Nurse
BSc Nursing

Katy Peters

Clinical Director
BN (Hons), DipTM (LSHTM), Dip TM, MFTM


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