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Measles Vaccinations in London

Travelling to Africa, Asia or Central America? Protect yourself against Measles

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Basic Information

Infection Method

Measles is one of the world’s most contagious (preventable) viral diseases, typically occurring in childhood. When combined with pre existing illness it can prove fatal. The Health Protection agency advises that two doses measles containing vaccine should be given regardless of history of disease or age.


Symptoms appear after approximately 10-21 days after exposure and include:

  • High Fever
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Cold like symptoms ( runny nose, cough)
  • Rash – generally starts on the face and behind the ears then works down the body
  • Rash is red, blotchy, not itchy
  • Koplik spots can appear in the mouth

Complications of measles

  •  Ear infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Diarrhea
  • Immunosuppression


Risk Areas

Measles is found globally, however risk is high when there are low levels of vaccination coverage, developing countries have poor vaccination rates and some areas of the UK have seen a drop in vaccination and experience outbreaks. Everyone should consider vaccination.

Additional Information

The infectious period runs from approximately 4 days before and after the rash appears. Medical Visa applications may require proof of vaccination, we can provide this. We can also take a blood test to ascertain your immune status if you are unsure of your history of disease or vaccination.

Get Vaccinated & Travel Safely


Administration Method

Measles vaccination is a mixture of live attenuated viruses that protects against three separate illnesses – measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) – in a single injection.


After one dose 85% of children nine months of age and 95% over twelve months of age are immune. Nearly all of those who do not develop immunity after a single dose develop it after a second dose.

Length of Protection

Once you’ve been vaccinated, you’ll be protected for a life time (96% of cases).

Special Instructions

Wait three months before giving MMR after blood transfusion or immunoglobulin administration. Avoid pregnancy for at least one moth after vaccination.

Dose & Price

No booster following the primary course of 2 doses. Price: £50 per dose

Side Effects

Local reaction, pain, redness, inflammation, flu like symptoms, GI disturbance, rash. (commonly one week following vaccination)

Suggested Additional Vaccinations for Sub Saharan Africa & Central American Destinations

You can inquire about these vaccinations over the phone or through the form when you book your yellow fever vaccination.




Hepatitis B


How soon before travelling should I should I contact you?

Ideally come and see us at least four weeks before you travel, especially if you also need injections against Rabies, Hepatitis B or Japanese Encephalitis. However we always encourage last minute travellers to see us.




What if I’m travelling last minute?
We recommend you come and see us, even if you’ve left it as late as a day before you travel. We can still vaccinate you and we’ll also provide important health advice as well as Malaria Tablets if you need them.



Does immunisation hurt?
Not all vaccinations are delivered by needle. But whenever they are, we bring all our considerable expertise into play to make sure it hurts as little as possible. Modern needles are so fine they hurt a lot less than the old fashioned versions used to. You shouldn’t feel anything worse than a sharp prick.

What if I have an abnormal reaction?
We don’t just vaccinate you and abandon you! If you don’t feel well afterwards or experience an abnormal reaction, phone us or come straight back in and we’ll check you out.

Do you provide vaccination certificates?
We provide certificates for Meningitis and Yellow Fever Vaccinations. Certificates are essential visa requirement for travellers to certain countries in South America and Africa.

Will I get a vaccination record card?
Yes, and it’ll act as a record of the vaccinations you’ve been given. The cards include information about how long the vaccination is effective and your booster dates. If you already have a vaccination record card, bring it to your consultation so we can check your immunisation history.

Meet the Team

Dr Elizabeth Tuckey

MBBS, BA Philosophy

Kami Soltysik

Travel Nurse
BSc Nursing

Katy Peters

Clinical Director
BN (Hons), DipTM (LSHTM), Dip TM, MFTM

Dr Elizabeth Tuckey

MBBS, BA Philosophy

Kami Soltysik

Travel Nurse
BSc Nursing

Katy Peters

Clinical Director
BN (Hons), DipTM (LSHTM), Dip TM, MFTM


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